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Hiba Judeh

LOL Red and Horrific !
so the question is, do you like cats? :P


Well, I'm not a BIG fan of cats really, but we came up with the title: Comicat for our webcomic project at the workshop! And we decided that the theme will be cats!
And I'm paying much more attention to cats now though!

Tareq Al Hmedy

hey lutfi I like what you done
i always came here to see if there any thing new and as i expected it was funny and lovely ,
you are creative lutfi, go on

Moe Beirut

Its really a nice one, I wish everyone can move the mask that he puts and look at it, he/she will be horrified!
Very nice one.
Missing u guys


Tareq, thanks man, much appreciated!

Moe, you always get the "deep concept" behind every comic! :) & miss you too man, come and visit us again in Amman soon!

dina abdulmajeed

Lutfi I'm so glad the project kept going :) Good work!

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